The Elijah Anointing

Jesus was busy doing a hard days work of ministry. He had healed the sick, and cast out demons. There was mighty demonstration of God’s power that caused all to marvel. Who is this man? This was the question many often had during the ministry of Jesus. Even his own disciples, who sold everything they owned to follow him, questioned who he was several times. During this particular day of ministry,  someone asked Jesus if he was the Elijah that the scriptures and the prophets talked about. Jesus made a comment that prophetically has been the core of everything we are as a ministry. Jesus told all those that listened that he was not Elijah. But that Elijah would come, and restore all things. I believe he was referring to the spirit or the anointing of Elijah would come into the earth before his return. I believe we are the Elijah Generation that Jesus spoke about.

Matthew 17:11

New American Standard Bible 
And He answered and said, “Elijah is coming and will restore all things;

Many might say,  “Well this scripture was fulfilled with John The Baptist”. I, however, disagree and believe this was only partially fulfilled with John The Baptist. That scripture will not be completely fulfilled until the return of the Lord. The Elijah anointing is one that restores that which has been lost. This means that this anointing is a reformers anointing. It also reveals that if you carry this anointing you are called to be a reformer.  John The Baptist came as a reformer in his day. Other men like Martin Luther and Calvin all carried this reformation type of anointing. I carry this anointing, and believe you are called to carry it as well. This anointing extends beyond streams and denominations because it is meant to “bring us back to the full unity of the faith” (Ephesians 4:13). The Elijah anointing will restore what was lost in God’s church and merge us back as one.

This anointing will be the predominate anointing of our generation continuing until the return of Jesus Christ. In my own definition, the word reform means to restore to it’s original state.  This anointing is meant to bring us back to the book of Acts in it’s fullness. This is the same anointing that caused Azusa to be birthed in California through William Seymour.  It restored the supernatural and the baptism of the spirit. This anointing also restored the prophetic movement and the apostolic movement which brought us back into prophesying and an understanding of the gifts of the spirit. It was the Elijah anointing that restored the five fold ministry through these movements.

People like John Alexander Dowie, who many call The Father of Healing Revivalism in America, carried this anointing. This man built a mega healing ministry in Chicago. He was arrested many times for practicing medicine without a license by praying for the sick. He was one of many that opened the door to all of us who contend for healing in the nations. Now we too are called to pave the way in unseen dimensions of the supernatural. Unfortunately, although Dowie carried this restoration mantle, he was not grounded enough in the scripture so he eventually got into false doctrine and error.  The same happened with one of my favorite revivalist William Branham, who pioneered the Voice of Healing revival in America. He too believed that he carried the Elijah restorers mantle, and the movement that he led restored much of what we currently understand today in revival streams. However, this current generation will be one that is grounded in scripture, as well walks in demonstrations. God is restoring balance of all things in the Church. We will be doctrinally sound and full of the spirit; walking in both power and love.

This Elijah anointing is what will cause us to  both see and be apart of the greatest harvest of souls of all time. This will come to full manifestation in our generation as we receive the Elijah anointing of restoration. This revival and reformation will cause untold harvest, unity in the church, and reformation of how we do church. Like Mike Bickle of the Kansas City House of Prayer movement stated,  we will see the entire expression of Christianity changed in one generation under this anointing of Elijah.   This anointing will bring national repentance, and reformation of the church and entire nations. Cities will come into alignment under this anointing. The billion soul harvest, that Bob Jones prophesied about, that many are contending for will be set in full motion. I believe it is one hundred percent connected to the coming of the Elijah Anointing upon an entire generation.

This spirit of Elijah is already resting  upon a remnant in our generation, especially many millennial’s. The visitation of the Lord is upon us in this generation, to restore that which is lost. Again, we stand at the door of a visitation of the spirit of Elijah. Those of you who are reading this are being called to carry a measure of the Elijah anointing. We are being called as reformers like Luther, John Wesley, Finney, and Edwards, to cause a shift in everything we thought we knew about God and church.

This is what the Lord has been talking to me about constantly. The reformers of this day will preach the truth. They will stand for holiness and righteousness. They will walk in the fullness of God’s spirit upon them. They will be like Daniel and will not compromise. They will walk in radical love and family will be restored. They will again be like the church in Acts, that shared their possessions and radically gave to others. They will declare God’s word before great leaders of culture, and will not be bought. They will carry God’s trumpet. This army will see miracles that we never thought possible; the greater works that Jesus prophesied. The dead will be raised often, and the prosperity of God will be upon them. Above everything else, they will walk in radical intimacy with God. This army is already in the earth, and if you are reading this article I believe you are one of them. You are meant to carry the spirit of Elijah upon you. Are you ready to be visited by the Elijah restorers anointing?


I want to thank my friend, Elizabeth Tiam Fook of International Young Prophets for inspiring me to write this. I honor what she is doing around the world in the prophetic movement.

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Published by: The Voice Of The Prophetic

A man of great integrity and faith, Evangelist and Missionary Jordan Wells received his call to ministry at the age of seventeen to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Wells heard the voice of God say that He was coming soon and that Wells was called to take the message of His soon return to the nations of the world. This lead to much study and a heart to evangelize the world with the message of Jesus Christ. Thus, Jordan Wells Ministries was birthed, the former name of the ministry. This further led to several books, a radio ministry throughout the United States, his own radio station called The Voice Of The Prophetic, and a blog called The Voice Of The Prophetic Report that began to reach thousands around the world. Evangelist Jordan Wells then began to host revivals around the city of Indianapolis; yet still feeling discontent with the pace of ministry. Evangelist Jordan Wells then signed with Tate Publishing and publish several books, one being Living In The Final Chapter and another, Experiencing God For The First Time. Along with the message of the coming of the Lord, Wells then began to feel a call overseas and a call to the healing ministry. However, he felt the Holy Spirit instruct him to shut down Jordan Wells Ministries all together; which did not make sense to him at the time, but after much struggle with the Holy Spirit Wells finally listened and stopped all activity. He was now unmarried, and depressed with the regression of ministry. During that season, God began to deal with Evangelist Jordan about the direction of the ministry and began to sow seeds in his heart for revival in Africa. He began to feel a stronger passion for healing and the supernatural; thus he began to study the writings of people such as John G Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, and many other great healing evangelists. These events led Evangelist Jordan Wells into a season of deep fasting and prayer for a greater gift for ministry. Many months went by until he met his wife and ministry partner Missionary Georgia L. Wells at a youth camp revival. They began dating and supernaturally within three weeks they were married. Wells went on another forty day fast and asked the Lord to show him what his ministry would look like, that he may prophetically sow a seed. He was then led to watch the 700 Club and discovered the ministry of Evangelist Reinard Bonnke, whom had been holding massive crusades across Africa. The Lord spoke to Wells during that segment of the 700 Club and said that Bonnke was the one. Evangelist Reinard Bonnke then became a great inspiration to Wells; so much so, that Wells enrolled in Bonnke's School of Evangelism to sit under his teachings. However, this did not all come without great trials and adversity. Wells survived many attacks of the enemy, including the death of his father. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and great faith in the our Lord Jesus Christ, Evangelist Jordan Wells endured consistent battles throughout that season. An author, evangelist, and prophet, Jordan Wells is a phenomenal writer and teacher with a heart to see God's plans come forth in the earth. Evangelist Jordan Wells walks in a supernatural anointing for healing and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to unbelievers in Africa and around the world. He has earned several degrees: an associates degree, bachelors degree, and an honorary doctorate degree and has written several recent works including: Living In The Final Chapter, giving revelatory insight to the end times we are currently living in, and also God's Answers to Everyday Living and Experiencing God For the First Time. Evident through his many sacrifices and obedience to God, Well's life desire has been to win souls for the Kingdom of God. Wells believes in teaching on the power of God, as seen through sign, and wonders, and showing the love of Christ through feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and healing the sick. His life mottos come from 2 Corinthians 5:7 and Zechariah 4:6 to walk by faith and not by sight and that it is not by might, nor by power, but by the spirit of the Lord. Evangelist Jordan Wells now works together with his wife to bring the message of Jesus Christ to Muslims and unbelievers around the world through crusades, poverty missions, and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

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